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Download PEAKS Studio

While the download is in progress, complete the following form to request a trial license key. You will need both the software and a license key to enable the full functionality of PEAKS.
Should you choose not to obtain a license key, the software may be used freely as a viewing tool.

PEAKS runs on 64 bit Windows OS. The amount of disk space required depends on the size of the user datasets. The two main factors affecting PEAKS performance are CPU and RAM:

  • Recommended configuration: Intel (dual core) processor with 8GB RAM
  • Ideal configuration: Intel Core i7/Xeon processor, 16GB RAM or more (or 2GB per core).
  • Should you require our 32 bit version, please contact technical support.

For users with Thermo/Agilent/Waters instruments please visit this link during setup.


  Installation Assistance

  1. Start by downloading the PEAKS installation package. Once downloaded double click to extract it from the exe format.
  2. InstallAnywhere will load on your computer to assist in the installation of PEAKS.
  3. An on screen guide will walk you through the installation process, including the set up of where you wish folders and icons to be located.
  4. Once the software is installed, a window will prompt you with three options.
    1. Activate PEAKS with a trial or purchased license key. Select this option if you have obtained a license key via email. Trial license keys start with the letters “TK” and are approximately 20 characters in length. Purchased keys start with “PS” and are also approximately 20 characters in length.
    2. If you have not completed the license key request form, you may do so now, by clicking the option that reads Register to get a free trial license key. This will bring you to the page where most users originally downloaded the software.
    3. If you choose to only use PEAKS as a viewer, one can click this third option without the need for a registration key.
  5. Upon entering the trial or purchased license key, the software will activate successfully and PEAKS will restart itself. The software is now ready to be used for data analysis.